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People of colour Decolonisation hui

The hui was a two-day celebration of decolonisation, feminism and anti-racism, for people of colour/indigenous feminists and activists.

Around forty people attended the hui which was held in the Ponsonby Community Centre over Waitangi weekend 2012. The hui examined the connections between racism, sexism, colonisation, classism and other oppressions.

A special thank you to the organisers and participants for allowing parts of the hui to be recorded and made available online.

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Decolonise Your Mind 2012

The People of Colour Decol Hui is a two day celebration of Decolonisation, Feminism and Anti-Racism, for POC/indigenous feminists and activists, all mixed up with DIY workshops, skill share and talks.

The People of Colour Decol Hui is for marginalised gendered people of colour; including women, transfolk, intersex, genderqueers, wimmin (etc)- of marginalised cultures, indigenous and ethnic minorities in Aotearoa.

We clarify that “pale” coloured and indigenous people are very welcome at this hui. If you self identify with being a person of colour, and are happy to be in this space, then please come along.

We know that people of colour/indigenous people can have many parents/gransparents from all over, and we won’t be perpetuating policing around whether someone is coloured or indigenous or not. For us this is just the kinds of things we seek to eradicate.

If you want to come but you’re not sure if this includes you, please get in touch: decol2012[at]

The POC Decol Hui aims to open up space for discussion around being marginalised gendered tangata whenua and coloured tau iwi people in Aotearoa.

Examining the inherent power dynamics interwoven into our lives, connections between racism, sexism, colonisation, classism and other oppressions, and working in predominantly pakeha activist scenes… and how these things affect us and the feminist/ social justice/ peace/ revolutionary/creative work we do.

The weekend will be grounded around those main themes. There will be spaces for discusions to happen.

We hope that this gathering will enable us to share some experiences and tools for critiquing, challenging, and overcoming these oppressions.

There will be discussion forums, workshops and skill shares.

Featured discussion sessions/presentations/workshops include:

Elizabeth Kerekere: “Multiplicities: splitting ourselves across cultures, families and communities”

Belinda Borell: “Co-opting whiteness, raced-based motions and moving targets”

Ruth DeSouza: “The real impacts of marginalisation on bodies”

MZ and Zac: “Savage Beasts”: Anti-speciesism and Decolonisation

Farida Sultana: “Asian Feminism and Decolonisation”

The POC Decol Hui is volunteer run.

If anyone has a workshop, skill share, discussion idea, from zine making, recipe swapping, difficult convos with family, kissing booths etc, that they would like to run please get in contact and let us know.

Please send in your registrations before 28th January 2012.

Sat 4th – Sun 5th Feb 2012
Ponsonby Community Centre, Tamaki-Makaurau
(Auckland, New Zealand)

$20 waged/ $10 unwaged, or whatever you can afford

Exact info etc will be getting sussed shortly, consider this a heads up to get excited!!! Also for all our pakeha commrades out there fighting oppression, we welcome your support. Some things you could possibly do; include help with childcare, fundraising, food, places for people to stay during the hui etc. Get in touch :)

We’d like to thank The Quakers Peace Grant, A-Fem Hui, Rainbow Youth, Ponsonby Community Centre and individual donors for your support.  It’s much appreciated.

DECOLONISE THE MIC: Callout for performers

We are organising a “Decolonise the Mic” night featuring indigenous and people of colour performers. Performances can include but are not limited to: music, poetry, spoken word, songs, skits, raps, dances, drag etc. This event will be open to allies. It is being held in the evening of Saturday 4th of Feb!

Please get in touch asap if you are interested: decol2012[at]